Streamline Scheduling

Not just for business!

Have you ever gone back and forth with people about meeting up to end up never scheduling anything at all? Take the back and forth out, set up your schedule, and send a link. Please meet online appointment scheduling software. I believe their intention is more for business use, but I like to use them for my personal life too. The two I use are Calendly and Schedulicity, they both connect to my google calendar so everything stays in one place on my end. As usual, I take advantage of the free versions, and they have become my new BFFs.

I prefer Calendly over Schedulicity for scheduling consultations because I have the option to ask questions that help me prepare for the meeting and give options for where to meet. The free version allows you to customize your link (easier to remember & fun for branding), integrate zoom, and schedule an unlimited number of appointments. There are embed codes for you to add to your website or email, direct links to each event, and the option to create a single-use link to an event. You do miss out on offering more than one event type with related questions and automatic text & email reminders to participants. In order to have those features you’d need to join their $10/mo plan.

Schedulicity is great because you can offer an unlimited amount of services with the free version. They also have an entire community so people could find you when searching for services in your industry. The catch with them is that you can’t create a customized user link, you have to pay extra if you plan to book more than a certain number of meetings per month, you can’t ask questions, and they take a % of sales if you connect to accept payments through them. I get a notification instantly when someone schedules a photography session and then can send a personal message including the link to my Venmo or Paypal for their deposit.

I could pay for Calendly and have everything in one place, but when it’s as simple as sharing a link I don’t mind using both for different needs.

Let me know if you use either of these and your favorite scheduling tips.

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Published by AtHomeWithCoral

Hello! I am a local Realtor® serving Jacksonville and surrounding areas. I grew up in the Florida Keys and have been living in North Florida for 17+ years. I am a mom to two boys (Steven & Sean) and a fur mom to three beautiful pitties (Bella, Ryder & Kane). In my "free time", you will find me at the beach, spending time with family & friends or somewhere enjoying live music. I am passionate about helping people, providing the best service possible, and promoting awareness about the amazing house hippo, pit bulls ;) I have been involved in the real estate industry my entire life due to following in my family's footsteps. In addition to real estate, I have 10+ years of experience in photography and digital marketing/social media advertising. Visit my website to learn more about the services I offer.

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