Staying Organized with ADHD

Who? Me? Organized? HA! Can’t do it alone.

I actually can organize things quite well (they just don’t always stay organizedšŸ¤·). Small spaces, closets, desks, drawers, cabinets, packing my car like a puzzle for a long weekend (compliments to one of my favorite ADHD traits, the gift of hyperfocus).

What I don’t organize quite as well, is lifešŸ˜…. You know; school, work, grocery shopping, tidying up daily, paying bills, remembering appointments, and so on. When things aren’t in high demand or need immediate attention they have a track record of getting put on the back burner…. then burnt to a crisp. Fortunately, this has vastly improved for me so I’m sharing to help my fellow ADHDer’s… or just other really busy people.

I have been using the free version of Todoist and it has worked just fine for me. The Premium versions offer more projects, team collaborations, and reminders. The reminders are the most inciting part about joining in my opinion, but I haven’t needed them at this point. With the free version, you can create up to 80 different projects with up to five different people collaborating. In each project, you create your tasks and can add sub-tasks all with different due dates/times. I basically categorize my life into “projects” (job-specific, family, home, etc.).

A big motivator for me is the separate sections you can create in each project using the “board version”. I have them set up as “To Do”, “Doing”, & “Done” but they are completely customization and you can add several sections under each project. I feel like this feature takes the pressure off the need to finish every task I begin and helps me see that I am still getting somewhere even on really hectic days.

Another thing I love about taking my “to-do” list digitally is keeping a record. Writing tasks in a notebook or planner (that runs out of space or gets lost) is great and all… but being able to see the continuous record of completed tasks helps me feel a little more accomplished.

Let me know if you decide to try it out and if it helps you!

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Published by AtHomeWithCoral

Hello! I am a local RealtorĀ® serving Jacksonville and surrounding areas. I grew up in the Florida Keys and have been living in North Florida for 17+ years. I am a mom to two boys (Steven & Sean) and a fur mom to three beautiful pitties (Bella, Ryder & Kane). In my "free time", you will find me at the beach, spending time with family & friends or somewhere enjoying live music. I am passionate about helping people, providing the best service possible, and promoting awareness about the amazing house hippo, pit bulls ;) I have been involved in the real estate industry my entire life due to following in my family's footsteps. In addition to real estate, I have 10+ years of experience in photography and digital marketing/social media advertising. Visit my website to learn more about the services I offer.

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